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Why Us

What makes us unique from all the “Noise” in the financial advisory Space?

Unbiased & Client Centric Advice

Most financial products are sold through distributors like banks, mutual funds or insurance agents. They are focused on selling products that help them achieve their targets or earn higher commissions, rather than educating and advising what is right for clients. We are neither associated nor receive compensation from any Insurance companies, Banks, Mutual funds, Stock brokers or PMS providers. We offer Unbiased and client-centric advice unlike other product sellers in the market. It is important for clients to discern the difference between financial advisory and merely buying a financial product. While the former is about cementing your financial freedom, the latter is about benefitting middlemen brokers only.

SEBI Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs)

Under the Investment Adviser Regulations 2013 of SEBI, registered advisors have taken a fiduciary responsibility. This means that such Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) will always act in the best interest of the client, in every way. Only Advisers approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) are authorized to provide fee-only holistic investment advice.

Internationally Accredited

The Founder, Mr. N. Sathyamoorthy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM (CFP) from Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd, Denver, USA. The CFP credential is the most respected global certification across 27 countries around the globe. CFP professionals are accredited for ongoing education, experience and professional development requirements, and they clear meticulous examinations that assess:
1. Financial competency
2. Adherence to code of ethics
3. Pledge to provide financial planning, in the interests of clients, with the highest ethical and professional standards

Transparent Fee Only Model

Many financial advisors obtain payments not from clients, but from Insurance companies, Mutual fund companies, stock brokers etc. Such practices have motives and vested interest. As a result, financial advisors sell products that offer them higher commissions and churn the portfolio frequently to generate high brokerage or commission. Such practices affect the client’s portfolio returns over long term. Over a course of time, being in the wrong investments will actually cost more for clients than paying a fee-only advisor. We do not engage in such practices as it is against our code of ethics. As Fee-only Advisors, we don’t receive any indirect remuneration in the form of commissions from product manufacturers, hence there is no conflict of interest. This is how we justify our unbiased advisory to our clients.

Integrity & Confidentiality

William Shakespeare once said “No legacy is as rich as honesty” and we assure you that our legacy is built with honesty as the foundation stone. We uphold the principle of integrity, inspiring confidence and upholding a strong moral compass. We ensure the protection of all client data regardless of how it is stored or delivered, including digital copies, hard copies, their communications and verbal communications pertaining to the same.